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Since 1972, Bennigans has been synonymous with great steaks and fine American cuisine. The emphasis always being on the best quality meat and bringing this perfect product to the table for the customer to enjoy. For over forty years, our ethos hasn't changed, we still never compromise on our aim to bring you the finest quality in a fun environment where friends can come together to enjoy. This fundamental principle which has allowed Bennigan’s to stand head and shoulders above the rest; in a land where chain stores, strip malls and franchises are abundant, we have proved that our value proposition to our customers is important and we strive to differentiate ourselves by being an owner managed business uncompromising on our standards.


Bennigans is well known for our incredible steaks. These includes fillets, T-bones, sirloins, and delicious rumps. Our steaks are dusted with our signature spice mix, seared on the flat top grill, drizzled with melted butter and cooked perfectly medium rare to give you the most incredible and distinctive succulent flavour. For the not so carnivorous you’ll find a large variety of delicious dishes such as our sour Butternut Pansotti or our seared Norwegian Salmon with a sweet ponzu sauce, served with mash and a cucumber spaghetti dressed in sesame oil & mirin dressing as well as a great range of wines compliment your dinner. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a delicious meal. 

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